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Originally Posted by ChineseGuy View Post do you know it's GOD and not Budha? or even those Indian Gods or Zeus?

You're just assuming everything is from GOD because he's the most popular...I feel so bad for Zeus if he was the real one, while everyone prays to God for everything...

and edit your post before e90im sees you're "what if we are wrong" statments...

Well, I was vague on purpose and used the word "God". Buddha is not a God, buddhism is more like a philosophy than a religion. It's more of a teaching of the way we should live then what we should worship. Infact buddist believe we should not worship. Zeus is not real, only in Disney cartoon figures. e90im is who he is, he will entertain the topic till the sun falls. He actually ask a lot of questions that does stump you, I use to ask myself these questions all the time. Like if God knows the present, past and future why create Hitler, osama bin laden, and so on and make such destructions?
I witness a lot of psych patients and if you see the world they make up you start asking yourself weird questions too, like how do you actually know everything around you really exist? how do you know that the person next to you is not just someone that you made up in your head? well, these patients really in their head believe what they see and hear is real, so it makes you think if what you see is really there. My advice don't think too much.
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