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Originally Posted by johnnymu View Post
A lot of us do believe in God is for our own personal reasons. I known people that find God near death. I know of people who find God when they need money, but whatever the reason it doesn't matter to God, he will still accept you even through your sinfulness. Now you might argue that this is all blind hope and craziness, but why are you trying so hard to ruin someone's one chance of peacefullness? I know a lot of people in this world that are not as blessed as me, but I don't go around rubbing in their face and trying to ruin their hope. The point is, if you don't believe in God so be it. Just ask yourself one question, just what If? what if you are wrong? what if you miss that one opportunity to live everlasting with the ones you love in Heaven? If we are wrong, so we might get that " I told you so" comment, and things get forgotten, but what if you are wrong? you just got screwed.. do you know it's GOD and not Budha? or even those Indian Gods or Zeus?

You're just assuming everything is from GOD because he's the most popular...I feel so bad for Zeus if he was the real one, while everyone prays to God for everything...

and edit your post before e90im sees you're "what if we are wrong" statments...