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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
Always wandered about this one...
Yes. You were predestined to go to heaven or hell long before you were even born. God already knows your fate and God is never wrong, there's nothing you can do to change it.

So party hard, it won't change a thing.

After all, it would suck to try and be good your entire life only to get to the pearly gates and be told, wow you really tried to be a good person, you almost made it! But it says right here in the book of life, that God knew you wouldn't quiet make it, so off to hell with you.

Just imagine the poor guy who then asks, "I've got to know, what did I do that tipped the balance, what was the sin that kept me out of heaven?" and
the book keeper replies, remember last week before you were hit by the bus, your wife said she was tired and rolled over so you fap, fap, fap? Well that was it. It was that close, but you just can't prove God wrong son.
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