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New M3 Lease Rate/ Rip Off ! Better Alternatives

So my salesman calls me up stating they have 2 M3s, a sedan and coupe. Both cars are equally good looking, but they both have a real big flaw. <b>BOTH<b/> are 70K, which i started asking myself, wow with that kind of money you can get a used low mileage M5. Also, with that you can get a Carrera..hmmmm, now i love all ///M cars, you guys probably have seen my M3post videos on the spy M3s, but i do have to admit that BMW has failed to reach its main public, "the young". which is probably their highest consumer. I asked also what kind of lease rates are being offered, which really told me STAY AWAY from this vehicle. 36 months 5K down, 1360$ a month !!! WOW, i know the lease rates must be off the charts for this car right now, but 1360$ a month is a little rough. due to the fact that you can now lease a brand new M5, for right around the same amount. i dont know about you guys, but i really think BMW has stepped away from its course of reaching the young and ambitious, it has now grown up and stepped into big boy territory. If thats the case, i would atleast love to see REAL CARBON FIBER interior and some SUEDE, not some leather "carbon fiber" or cloth headline..maybe this summer i'll trade my 335i covert for it, but for now i'll stick to my M6 and 335i....for those looking for an M3, just wait or if your impatient GET THE M5 !

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