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Originally Posted by l4wr3nc3 View Post
I thought it would be great to add a new rule to the marketplace. Some people are ruining it and making it a bidding war and whoever bids the highest takes it. This is not Ebay where you sell to the highest bidder, if you want people to bid for it, then sell it on ebay.

I find it really unfair that a member lists a part for sale and because he has a lot of hits and some offer him more then what he listed, he will keep raising the price. You should just set a price that you are willing to let it go for and if someone agrees to the price then you sell it to him. It seems that some people dont know the first thing about good business practices.

If you want to just put your part out and get a sense of how much it is worth before you sell it, then put a feeler thread up. But when you put a FS thread and put a specific price you want for it, you should be held responsible to what you are asking for it.
put ur shit on ebay if u wanna auction