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Thanks for the support guys. Hopefully more people will chime in and the Admins will make a new rule to prevent this.

Originally Posted by Desi View Post
I know in some other forums I am on your thread will be deleted unless you post a firm price in your post. In said forums, you are allowed to sell for less so you do sometimes get people making offers and others one-upping them.

I agree wholeheartedly with this post.
I know what you mean, i really like how s2ki does it. They dont take any crap. If you dont put up a price then close/delete your thread no questions asked. I can understand taking the highest offer if the price you listed for is not met (i.e you say you want 200 for the part and someone offers you 150 but you sell it to another guy offering you 180) but if someone gives you the price you are asking for, how can you try to rip them off and say "ok i got xxx price, who will give me more?"

The price you set should be the price you are going willing let it go for. PERIOD. If someone offers you something close to the price you want and you think its fair, then by all means sell it. But forcing people into a bidding contest higher then what you asked for is ridiculous.