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Originally Posted by hotrod2448 View Post
I was standing there thinking "I don't like the way you can see the muffler and the exhaust outlets should be farther towards the corners. The M-badge looks too small on the deck lid. Bottom of the front bumper looks unfinished. Power dome looks like a total after thought or something from the APC catalog...Well, I could live with or fix most of that"
i actually like how the exhausts are closer towards the center (e46 m3s are the same way). I never liked how far apart all these 335 and 328 quad jobs are...reminds me of a DeVille DTS. I like the smaller m3 emblem as well. The bumper could be better (which is true for just about any car), but its by no means a turn-off. The power dome is pretty awkward looking, but hell, gotta do what you gotta do to fit a 420hp NA v8. you wouldnt hear me complain.