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as far as im concerned, the clintons are slimy politicians. hillary, through bill's help, landed a prominent position as senator for new york, and publicly stated she had no intentions of running for president. of course, liberals that lived here welcomed her with open arms. someone who never grew up here, doesnt know shit about new york, pretends to be a yankee fan, can just set up shop and become a senator?? she's just part of the big political machine, feeling entightled to power. would i vote for her over bush? no. bush is an idiot, i understand that, and the war was a huge mistake. however, when it comes to my self interests, my only concerns are TAXES and healthcare. lawyers have made the practice of medicine dismal. the clintons/democrats are basically in the pocket of the trial lawyer lobby. therefore i would vote for bush, or any other idiot, over a democrat any day of the week.
Obviously you either don't have kids, or don't give a shit about your own kids...