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I was at Momenum Southwest today...they have a Melbourne Red, bamboo,carbon fiber,.....but no carbon fiberroof ...sun roof instead....was able to get in it, start it, and rev the engine, twice. I have bought 2 M3's through these guys, and they offered to sell this car to me at MSRP.

car was optioned out at $69,000......unless your a repeat buyer, they will raise the price for a minimum of 5 grand...thats what the sales man told me.....

i think the car look's "f-ing" fast just sitting there. red looks much better in person..... I had to pass on it though....i'd have a hard time not having the carbon fiber roof.

The Volvo dealership next door (I did not go by there) but i was told they have one as well but they are adding 10,000$ to the price. a truck is supposed to arrive tomorrow with a couple more.