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Religious are used to NOT being questioned and mocked. Being a person of faith somehow gets you a free pass. I call BS.

We live in a physical, real world governed by the laws of the Universe that are best explained by science.

We record videos on our cell phones and sip champagne 8 miles above earth going twice the speed of sound.

Religious fundamentalist like scotty are offended when being mocked because deep down they know how bizarre their claim is. When debating a religious person I will eventually get a response that goes like this:

You can call me stupid all you want, but youll have to answer to a higher power, and Ill prey for your soul.

I NEVER called anyone stupid. Well, maybe I have, but certainly not for being religious.

They feel stupid because they are indoctrinated to defend a ridiculous, morally outdated, cruel, make believe, fairy tale!!!

Id be pissed too!!!
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