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Saw the Ariel Atom this morning!!

So this morning I'm waiting for the stupid bus to work as usual. The bus stop is right outside this exotic/luxury car dealership across from where I live. While standing there I see a black Bentley Arnage pulling out and driving off. It's nothing new anymore since I see these cars around here all the time. But a minute after the Arnage pulled out, I hear this loud deep grumble, and what comes out of the garage....

the Ariel Atom!! Holy shit, first time I've seen one, and damn, I never expected the sound of the engine to be so deep and low. I was half expecting it to make the sound that go-karts usually make, but this thing sounded like a beast. And looked like a hell of a fun time driving. I don't know whether it was a lucky new owner taking delivery, or maintenance guy doing a test drive.

I know i know, pics or ban/thread worthless without here!

Sure, I didnt' take these, but they're pics of them nontheless. Frankly I didn't have time to whip out my phone to take a pic of it before it sped off.

This is also the dealership where I saw the Limited Edition Versace Murcielago LP640. Now that thing was a beauty.

This is the dealership i live next to:
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