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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
Reflectors - US regs. - thank the Feds.
Seat bottoms - Likely BMWUSAs judgement that our bottoms are too fat.
Launch control - Name another country that gets 4 years free warranty AND maintenance? Clutches, drivelines, diffs, etc. are part of this. I'm not complaining.

We actually have the best prices and deal in the world. All a matter of perspective.

I agree on the reason for the reflectors but I think the explanation for the seats may be the same. I know that in the recent past certain limited edtion models of high-end European sports cars have had to have their seats replaced because they do not meet US occupant protection crash standards (don't ask me why but Road and Track has reported this).

As for the lack of launch control, you should blame your lawyers and their prediliection for suing anyone with deep pockets for huge sums of money. If some idiot kills someone in the US while using launch control it is BMW's fault and not the idiot's.

By the way Canada gets the reflectors and the no-charge maintenance too. At least on the basic 3 series we do. The M3 isn't up on the configurator yet.