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Nothin' really changed for me, but anyway...

The good:

- Roofline and stance.
- Front bumper.
- Use of sharp lines, nothing vague about it.

The bad:

- Rear of car reminds me of Hyundai Sonata right down to the exhausts/bumper.
- Overall design is predictable!

The okay:

- Headlights cant be judged yet. If they are quads I'll be happy because I like seeing the C, E & S with unique headlights, but if they arent they will look weak for a car of this size and too similar to the SL facelift.
- Rear lights. They arent "bad" but they just arent "good". I need to see them uncovered but so far I'm seeing the Sonata in my head lol.
- The rear wheel arch. It's good to go retro, just like the new RS6 wheel arches. I need to see it uncovered though to make a proper decision. BMW Concept CS, Continental GT, Ocean Drive Concept etc all have this and make it look good but I'll reserve judgement for better pics.