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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
I don't think they can keep your deposit. When I put $500 down 18 months ago, I got the #3 spot and I ended up being #1. But I made sure it was refundable. Legally, I don't think they can keep your $1000, without returning some type or product or service.
I think it depends on the deposit papers you signed. Mine clearly states that the buyer forfeits the deposit if the car is built to customer specs and is not picked up from the dealer within 48 hours of arrival at the dealer. The dealer may chose not to enforce that, but it would be their call. But that's just the standard deposit papers my dealer uses. Other dealers might have different terms.

It seems like this might be a somewhat common story though--dealers getting their own cars first. My dealer will get 2 cars that will be available for sale tomorrow. I don't know if they will mark them up or not, but I guess they will. I was even told I could drive one over the weekend...That doesn't make it right, but that does seem to be case. As far as I am concerned, I should have been able to drive one home on Sunday given I was #2 on the list.