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Originally Posted by gum5h03 View Post
Man, seriously stop comparing oil to bottled water. It's like apples and oranges. People don't *have* to drink bottled water, there are plenty of alternatives including tap water. You tell me another resource (and don't say ethanol because that is a pipe dream) that we can fill our tanks and go to work with. Oil industry is the largest monopolistic price setting industry in the world (OPEC anyone?). End of story. There is NO free market within the oil industry and thus no supply and demand in the traditional sense. The demand is variable but the supply is always always fixed depending on how much the profiteers would like to benefit at any given time.
Why is ethanol a pipe dream? Currently in my state we run 10% ethanol per gallon of gas, its one of the most viable alternatives since it requires current cars to have little more than the fuel lines replaced and thats it, most new cars have this planned out and can run on 100% ethanol. We also have new advances and instead of just using corn we can use any plant matter now with the advances made using termite enzymes. Plus your over looking the fact that the USA can produce the most agriculture of any country we currently pay aka subsides farmers not to plant since we have so much and it would flood the market.. But now the framers can farm again and growth crops for ethanol one of the crops being considered is some grass that can be easily converted.

Even then if its a monopoly basic economics states that supply and demand still dictate price. And based on your irrational statements you have never taken an economic class in your life. Since any first year business student would realize your statements are wrong.

And yes your right people dont need to buy bottled water.. And people dont need to buy oil. We just chose to since its currently the most economical thing.