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Originally Posted by GH32335i View Post
Geez, if I were only as intelligent as you!!

12 year old, huh? That's a mature argument.

I'm not anti-Russian, I'm just quoting the Bible which says that there will be an alliance led by Gog from the land of Magog. If you study what it says it's referring to the Scythians who settled in the land of modern day Russia. They were a brutal people and are the reason that the Great Wall of China was built.

And don't go off blaming US foreign policy on God or the Bible.

Maybe you should listen to your 6 yr old.
I do listen to her and it is amazing how she reminds me of what you say -- no proofs, childish talk mumbo jumbo...

As for the Great wall thing -- anyone who ever read the history of it should know the real reason why it was built (not initial idea, but later on...).