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My Dealer LIED!!!

Mid-January, my dealer emailed me telling me that there was a chance that I could get bumped from #3 to #1, as the guy w/ the #1 spot was considering a 1 series. I had wondered what happened to the #2 spot, but I didn't ask. A couple days later, I get an email saying I had been bumped to #1. I email back with my specs, and my CA tells me the order would be in within a day or two. Two weeks go by and I don't hear anything from him, so I email him. He gets back to me to confirm my specs and my order went in sometime around the 3rd week in feb. With the recent influx of cars coming to the US, I called today to see why the hell my car wasn't there. Well, low and behold, they have 3 cars on the lot... I call BMW NA and my car is still in production, set to be completed on monday. I just got back from my local dealer; they have 3 cars in as well. I was angry before, but after seeing the car in person, I cannot put into words how pissed I am right now. My CA was out today, but he'll be in tomorrow, we'll see what he has to say.