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Spoke to BMW Clear Lake and the coupe is in, being prepped and will be in the showroom later Friday or Saturday at the latest. CA will confirm by tomorrow whether it can be driven or not. Sedan is scheduled to arrive next week. Same spec's as the Midtown sedan it sounds like. I am going to try to swing by the Midtown store tonight or tomorrow and check out the red leather in person.

Dealers are being so funny about test drives. First word from my dealer is the demos are being sold; no test drives. Now, there seems to be some question about whether they will sell the car or use it as a demo.

To further complicate matters, even if they do sell (or attempt to sell) the demo cars, they may allow test drives, or may simply allow you to RIDE in the car with the dealer driving. My CA says "People may not want to buy a car this expensive if it has 100 miles on it" to which I replied "I don't really want to spend this much on a car without test driving it."

Oh, and I think the coupes are red on beige, which is IMO the absolute worst color combo available. Seems it would be smarter to just demo these.