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Originally Posted by hks786 View Post
I tend to agree with a lot of what you say regarding politics. Regarding WMD - India, Pakistan and Israel all have them and havent even signed the NPT to agree to peaceful use of nuclear technology. It's interesting that Iran has actually signed it to say they will only use it for peaceful reasons.

I wouldnt like to see Iran have WMD, but only in the same way I wouldnt like to see ANYONE have them. I find it disgraceful that my country (Britain) are now trying to upgrade their WMD while agreeing to more sanctions against Iran...

+1 on Osama Bin Laden, let's not forget relations with Saddam too.
The only reason Iran would have nukes is the same reason NK did -- to get our government off their backs... It worked great for NK, and the WH is the only responsible for NK having the nukes (or whatever they have...). The whole story about building them to hurt Israel or Europe is for kids...