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Originally Posted by GH32335i View Post
First, I didn't think you believed in God.

Second, yes he does know the future. If people would take the time to understand the Bible, they would realize that the Bible tells us what will happen in the future. The Bible addresses the times we are living in, in great extent. The Bible tells us that the Arabs would be blessed with great wealth. That Israel would become a nation in one day - it did on May 14, 1948. The Bible tells us that Israel will be hated by most countries, and that the whole world will be consumed with who has the right to rule Jerusalem - Listen to the news. The Bible tells us that a group of nations will try to "wipe Israel off the map", these countries include Iran, Syria, and a bunch of the other muslim nations that surround it. It says that this group will be lead by Russia. Who has been helping Iran with their nuclear project? Russia. Who just built a naval base in Syria? Russia. What country has a large and fast growing muslim population? Russia.

The Bible also says that Jews will be hated just because they're Jews, and that Christians will be mocked, just because they're Christians. So keep mocking us, you're just fulfilling Biblical prophecy. See God knew you would act just like you're acting. So you are proof that God does know the future.
It was written by humans... What does it have to do with...God?
Jews are not hated "just" because they are Jews...
No one is hated just because...
Your arguments above are at the level of a 12-year-old, but the similar arguments I've heard from my 6 year-old, too.
And your anti-Russia is as relevant as US allowing Israel to have nukes (but not publically), US creating Muslim countries (that at one point hosted OBL himself) in the middle of Europe, and so on...