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2nd Annual San Leandro Marina EURO MEET 4/20

This is an ALL EURO meet. I am sending this invite to all european cars, (audi, vw, bmw, mercedes benz, mini, ferrari, porsche, lambo, ect). Please behave and respect each and every person at the meet regardless of what race their car is. Audizine and I are not responsible for any wrong doings at the meet, come at your own risk. This meet was set up to check out the variety of EURO cars from all around the Bay Area and also to meet other car enthusiasts. The original link to this meet is HERE.

Last year we had a huge turn out of over 150+ cars!

Anyone and Everyone is welcome, but we shall keep the parking lot to be filled up with only EURO cars. Spread the word and lets make this one bigger and better than the last!!
If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Note: Please be respectful and please, DO NOT rev your engines @ the meeting location. Lets try to keep the POLICE away. The freeway is minutes away, so you are more than welcome to leave and take a buddy for a ride in your car or do whatever your heart desires.

San Leandro Marina
40 San Leandro Marina Dr
San Leandro, CA

link to google maps:

TIME: 11:30AM-3:00PM

sign up and also put what forum you are coming from. Waldo and I will keep the list updated every few days.

4/20 / 11:30AM @ the San Leandro Marina
1. RAVI (audizine)
2. Waldo (all forums)
3. 20vPower + friend (audizine)
4. dynobotz (audizine)
5. speedydragon (audizine)
6. Revolution02 + 2 friends(Audizine)
7. Vampster + 1(Audizine)
8. SeKKeY (Audizine)
9. 10mpgS4 (AZ)
10. damnthemansam (AZ)+1 or 2.. or 3
11. Adam@SPP (all forums with rotors)
12. norcatalyst126 (AZ)
13. kievskiy(AZ)
14. doublestuff2.0 / the4ringer [jay+1] (az/af/fourtitude)
15. marcus1701 (audizine, z4-forum)
16. 3ohAvant (AZ, babblers,986forum)
17. Daddy MO (AZ, e46fanatics, bimmerforums, BAR)
18. yellojello (AZ, AW, A5OC, BF)
19. mnkya4 (AZ)

Anytime before, during, or after the meet, you are welcome to eat at "EL TORITO" which right across the parking lot.
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