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wow didn't realize i had a thread about my car on this site.
thanks for the critism everyone. both positive and negative.
nothing wrong with the air freshner, just that i forgot to take it out before the photo's were being taken. :P
and yes it's an automatic, but nothing wrong with that since i bought this car for daily driving purposes. but because the mod bug bit me, i want to upgrade to a bigger s/c so i need to upgrade the transmission...which will be in the works soon.
and about the exhaust tips, i forgot to polish them up for the photoshoot so they look lopsided in terms of coloring but it'll be perfect in no time.

thanks for the nice comments from some of you, although i dont have a e9x like you guys, but i respect it just as much if not more then the e46s!

hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. i'll get more pics taken when some new mods go on!

thanks everyone.