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Originally Posted by Los Angeles View Post
The title of this thread is misleading.

$836/mo for a stripped down E90 M3 is alright.

But who the hell wants a stripped down M3?

Not one single option?

Besides, you automatically have to add on:
- $475 for paint (unless you get alpine white)
- $500 for trim (you're obgliated to pay this price, there is no alternative)
- $950 for leather (unless you want black Anthracite cloth)
- $775 for destination & handling

which brings the car to $56,000 for a BASE MODEL.

Thus, the $53,800 price is misleading.

Anywho, it seem most people are looking at $1000-1200/mo for their E90/E92 M3s leases.
Originally Posted by REP1KRR View Post
Lease quote is based on the following...

E90 M3 Sedan
Price at MSRP base of $55,875
(53,800 base + 775 destination + 1,300 GGT)
Down payment: $2,500
How is the title misleading? The total base price of the E90 is $55,875. This price includes 53,800 base + 775 destination + 1,300 GGT, as these are required "options", if that's what you want to call them.

You need to understand the definition of BASE. It means you don't have to "automatically add on" metallic paint, fancy trim, or leather seats. Pick as you choose - its called free agency. But, who would be caught in an M without them.

Yeah, you're right, the things you'll most love about your new M3 should be the interior trim and supple full-leather seating. Pay no attention to the performance or styling. Never mind, that its 99% of the entire point of this car. When you see this thing on the road for the first time, I'm sure you'll first admire the guy's fake carbon dash or sweet nav monitor.