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Originally Posted by chasem3 View Post
Heard nothing but horror stories about this company.

Somone in the industry told me the previous owner whose name is Boomer closed the business and is trying to start this business again!

They are supposedly a very small mom and pop style fiberglass shop.

Does not sound promising. Here is only one of the few stories about them:
Well, I contact the owner directly about these concerns. Boomer is the NEW owner of Mastergrade. The old owner, Perry, was the one who ran the company into the ground. When I questioned this he told me to read the old Mastergrade 350z Import Tuner issue where it states Perry is the owner.

I began to ask what the issues with the s2000 community. Boomer stated that, the old owner outsourced many of the parts from Mexico to save a few bucks. He then would pass off hand laid carbon parts as vacuum bagged parts. Perry is no longer associated with Mastergrade and is infact working for a close competitor (go figure). I've done some research on My350z, G35driver, and S2ki and all the new Mastergrade parts have had nothing but great reviews. I'm going to give the name another chance before I believe the "word on the street" over real customer reviews.