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Originally Posted by ronnie dobbs View Post
My CA at BMW Clear Lake called me last week and said that they're selling their demo and he won't have one to drive. I haven't checked back with him since then but will do so today.

I called every other dealer in the surrounding Houston area yesterday (the other five) pretending to be interested in putting down a deposit and inquiring about a demo car. I got stories all across the board including:

-we are selling our demo if we have one
-the only way we'd have a demo is if someone backs out of a purchase
-launch isn't until late March or early April
-(and my personal favorite) we don't test drive M cars because people who buy them just know they want them

Houston dealers never cease to amaze me. I did leave my name with a few in hopes that maybe they are just clueless and will give me a call when they see the demo arrive. I'll report back after I call Clear Lake today.
I will bet it was Momentum gave you your personal favorite.... A friend of mine had purchased two M3s in the past from Momentum and when he went to buy the third they would not even let him sit in the car that was available for sale. He explained he did not come to the dealership to just look and that he was ready to buy the car but wanted to test drive the car before he wrote the check. Momentum told him no and he in turn left went straight to Advantage and bought the car that day.
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Yeah Bitch! That was a sedan that just passed you!