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My CA at BMW Clear Lake called me last week and said that they're selling their demo and he won't have one to drive. I haven't checked back with him since then but will do so today.

I called every other dealer in the surrounding Houston area yesterday (the other five) pretending to be interested in putting down a deposit and inquiring about a demo car. I got stories all across the board including:

-we are selling our demo if we have one
-the only way we'd have a demo is if someone backs out of a purchase
-launch isn't until late March or early April
-(and my personal favorite) we don't test drive M cars because people who buy them just know they want them

Houston dealers never cease to amaze me. I did leave my name with a few in hopes that maybe they are just clueless and will give me a call when they see the demo arrive. I'll report back after I call Clear Lake today.