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Smile M3 at the dealer

Today I saw the M3 for the first time ...the dealer has two demo cars Cp and sedan which will be used for people to test drive....I have to say it I love the car...although I do love the Z06 I think I might go for the M3 it is way different than my 335xi...Tomorrow I will test drive it and I will take it from there...

Originally Posted by Hans Delbruck View Post
In everyday driving, the USABLE power of the 2 cars is going to be similar, even in stoplight to stoplight racing. The M3 will probably be easier to launch, esp with M-DCT, and the Z06 won't pull away until higher speeds... by that time you will be at the next light or pulled over by Johnny Law.

If you race on the TRACK, then the Z06 is the obvious choice.

If you feel more drawn to the Vette for whatever reasons, then that's your car.

Me, my next car is gonna be German, dangit!!