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Which logo should be used as the 6MT Club signature?

It is now time to determine the Official logo of the Official 6MT Club. As the Honorary President of the club, and under the enlightening guidance of the two honorable founding members, S & E, I took upon myself to initiate this survey as the first project of my administration in leading the club to a prosperous future (mission statement tbd).

Only members of the Official 6MT Club should respond to this survey. Club membership is now officially defined as:

"A forum member, who owns, or has placed an order for, an E9X M3 with 6MT, and has made a post on the Official 6MT thread stating he/she would like to be a member of the club and has adopted the Official club logo as his/her signature."

The official 6MT Club thread is at:

Obviously, there is no logo yet to be adopted, but once this survey ends, that should be settled.

There are 7 choices that have been generated by current club members through a collaborative process. You are being asked to vote for one of them. If you are not a current club member, your vote will be discarded (this is a public poll). The poll will end Tuesday 3/11 17:21 EST. Although the design of the selected logo will not be changed, it may need to be resized so don't too much attention to sizes of the images.

Logo 1:
Name:  logo1.jpg
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Size:  26.3 KB

Logo 2:
Name:  logo2.jpg
Views: 481
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Logo 3:
Name:  logo3.jpg
Views: 480
Size:  20.3 KB

Logo 4:
Name:  logo4.jpg
Views: 480
Size:  7.6 KB

Logo 5:
Name:  logo5.jpg
Views: 478
Size:  9.3 KB

Logo 6:
Name:  logo6.jpg
Views: 475
Size:  4.8 KB

Logo 7:
Name:  logo7.jpg
Views: 471
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