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Originally Posted by rvacha View Post
I think you are probably correct. In the meantime however, what we will get are cars that weigh a couple hundred pounds more than a traditional car, but because of the electronics and technology, they will perform better and feel lighter than the traditional car.

We definitely need to get to the 3000lb performance hybrid. Without getting too political, our energy policy should deal mostly with funding basic technologies such as batteries (and other forms of energy storage) and deal less with how much ethanol we produce. Itís not all boring stuff. For example laminated flywheels may surface in F1 cars very soon. If we spent half as much on energy storage as we did getting to the moon I think that everyone - including us enthusiasts - would be thrilled with the end results
I will be a happy fast follower for Hybrid and other fuel smart technologies for performance cars when they get exciting. I can't get excited over regenerative braking, in fact, I feel marketing slime on me
"Aerodynamics are for people who cannot build engines"......Enzo Ferrari