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Originally Posted by footie View Post
If you read most of the reviews on the steering you will see that most of the (shall we call it) bad press regarding it centers on it on center numbness, bad for ultimate feel of the surface below you but great for bombing along at 150mph on the Autobahn where traditionally M cars felt a little nervous (not my words). The actual steering off center is as good as ever but it's this on center feel which makes placing the car a little trickier than before but like anything, familiarity breeds confidence.

Personally on the test drives I have taken I never found any problems with the setup one bit and liked the easy of parking that is now found in the new system which weighs up nicely at the speed increases.
Good post footie, sounds right on.

By the way I think you are opening yourself up to some serious teasing with possible misinterpretation of your signature quote about manual transmissions... beware for TB on this one....