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Go on a diet and lose 5 lbs...

Really folks, the curb weight of a car is obviously without driver. But since the average American is grossly overweight (by almost 40 lbs), all you really need to do is maintain a correct body weight, and you'll be lighter than just about every other C63 out there...and many other 335's as well!

It just blows me away that people will spend hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars in lightweight upgrades to shave a couple of pounds here and there, but won't SAVE some money by eating less, and saving tons of weight. You know who you are.

I will apologize in advance to those who are already at a medically healthy weight.

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oh it has a 3rd pedal... no wait, they only know how to do the wrong 3rd pedal

AMG = american muscle

edit again: what a fucking porker! 4004!!! i'd do whatever it takes to get it back in 3000's even if 3999 lbs
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