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Front Reflector Delete

Over the next couple weeks while my car is on the boat, I will be researching options for a clean solution to the U.S. front amber reflector problem. As most of us are aware, the reflector is secured through a hole in the bumper. After the vehicle arrives, I'll have the actual OD measured to finalize the solution...

Here were my first thoughts:

get touch up paint and apply to a plug that will fit nicely...

blank plug link

similar to:

I also thought about retrofitting a PDC sensor to cover it.

RandyB: There is a hole in the fascia the size and shape of the reflector so it might be difficult to fill. Euro bumper cover will be the best option for anyone wanting to do away with it completely. Painting the reflectors body color is probably the cheapest way to go, plus you get to keep your factory painted fascia. It doesn't really bother me much any more and I intend to leave mine as is. I'm getting AW so it just adds a little color to the front fascia. I don't like 'clears' but maybe that will be an option later for those who do.
^Has it been verified without question that the entire footprint of the reflector has been gouged into the stock bumper? I was under the impression it was a just a hole behind the reflector.
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