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Hey lucid, our cars should be rolling off the production line soon, no? 800 # tells me it was supposed to be done yesterday while reps last week said either march 2nd or 3rd. How long does it take to actually get to the docks before it even starts waiting for a boat?

Hmm, going by the shipping schedule we could realistically catch boats leaving on the

10th - arrives 24th
13th - 27th
19th - 1st
20th - 3rd

Counting 7 days at the VPC after that and 2-3 days shipping to dealer, I think first week of april is still realistic?

If PCD is still a possibility - it would be required to catch the boat leaving on the 10th to get to SC from NY on the 29th (the next one arrives the 6th = PCD closed)

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