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Susan Komen Ultimate Drive Event: X6 Spotted!

**I already posted this in the regional SE section, but I figured that I'd post it here as well**
Yeah, so I was driving on the highway heading north in the St. Pete area and around the 22nd Ave exit I saw a convoy of what seemed to be like at least 60 to 90 something Alpine White BMWs. There was every model, and I mean every model. Coupe, vert, wagon, M...each rendition of each model. I decided to have fun and I made it apparent to them that I was interested. I went up to each individual car and gave a smile, they smiled back and gave some flashes as I passed on. The vert drivers were especially nice, considering that I could actually get their attention more easily. So anyways, I make my way up the line, and it's stretching for what seems to be an eternity.

As I near the end I see one TiAg model. It was an SUV...I mean SAV. I couldn't believe it. It was an X6. It took a second to register, and then I made a mad dash towards it. The Z4 vert driver following the X6 noticed my curiosity and gave plenty of room for me to slip in and get behind the X6. I waved my hand in thanks. He gave a little flash and a smile. These drivers were great. Each one also looked to be in his/her 40's to 50's.

Here I am, zipping between the X6's rear 3/4's on each side, getting pics. It's a shame that each one turned out to be blurry and damn near useless save one or two. I hate this BB Pearl's camera. I also didn't want to steady my aim and risk a collision or something. This X6 was beautiful to look at. Seriously, as is the trend with most cars nowadays, pictures just don't do justice. You need to see the light reflect off the body, see the LED rods in the taillights, admire the surface complexity. It was all simply gorgeous. I believe it was an Xdrive35 or something like that. There was badging on the front fender but I can't recall specific details.

Anywhoo, I end up staying behind the X6 for a good 8-10 minutes. I bet the Z4 driver behind me thought I had nothing better to do or something. I didn't. We eventually made our way off the highway.

Finally we came to a redlight. The X6 driver was in the furthest left lane that went straight, while I was in the U turn lane. I stopped way behind the line to talk to the driver. I asked about how he signed up, if the car was already out, and how it drove. He told that you can go online and sign up on BMWUSA. The car should be out in roughly 3 months. It was great to drive too. And it damn well should considering how sparse the rear accomodations looked from the outside.

Anyways, after finally getting my answers, I made the U turn. I spotted all the other BMWs following in pursuit. Apparently the convoy got mixed up because what was once about 70 consecutive BMWs turned into groups of two or three at a time. Some were pulled over, some were just scattered about.

It was a wonderful surprise and I'm definitely making sure to sign up for the next event.
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