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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
You didn't speak to the throw length issue. Do you feel it's sufficiently "short"? Also, some have complained of the console interfering with shift action. Do you notice that?

Thanks for your thoughts.
just to clarify and make sure we're on the same page, i take "throw length" to mean the distance from engaging N-1st, 1st-N-2nd etc.. regardless of length/height of the knob. (ie a shorter knob only gives you the "feeling" that the throws are reduced, but in actual fact, only the knob travel is reduced.)

I think the stock throw length is a bit long. I'd prefer a slightly shorter throw length with a shorter lever/knob to enable quicker more precise shifts.

The only part of the console interfering is the i-drive controller. i do occasionally get a slight "brushing" of my forearm when shifting in-and-out of the even gears. nothing too irritating though, but if you have something on the i-drive monitor, this may cause a change in the selection. eg i-pod song toggle.

as far as i know, we shouldn't be resting our hands on the gear knob as this may cause some mechanical abrasions within the gears, so i try not to have my shifting arm near the console area when not changing gears (ie both hands on the s-wheel or my shifting arm on the arm rest).

how about yourself? any views on the throw length and knob travel distance?


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