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Originally Posted by chicagobimmerboy View Post
It's 2001 all over again. The M3 is just out and the Nissan GT-R (R34) is kicking its ass on the track. Was there so much concern back then? and besides why now? its obvious the two are in separate leagues and share only a similarity in price. Can someone explain why its such a big deal now that the m3 is slower than the R35?

it's a big deal only to the whiners and airheads in this forum who have such a hard time comprehending and accepting what the M3 can and cannot do.

also, i think it's because back then, the R34 wasn't really available commercially here in the U.S.. and now all these whiners are so insecure about themselves knowing that they will soon cross path with a GT-R on the road that they have to come up with justification and excuses why the M3 is .x slower here and there, to the point they start badgering another vehicle based on its badge. it's a pity that some M3s are/will be driven by such insecure people.