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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Correct, but I thought this was personal opinion and not a very brief sampling of each product. In a brief test I reckon I would also put the 335i ahead as for pure entertainment it has more to offer but I thought this was the complete package and that is why I placed the S5 higher.


Notice I did at least place the 335i second in my order, well that was until I realised I had left out the GTR.
Yeah, no youre right my intention was to get a sampling of opinions based on the vehicels overall package.
I think the GTR is obviously the best of the bunch based on performance as well but factor rear seat and at 82K U.S. dollars for the Premium model (Inquired today) & its at 911 money although be it at Gallardo performance. But I dont feel its the most balanced.

Theyre doing 10-20 k over MSRP. soooo that means $100,000.00 K for a Nissan brand. Ouch!