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Originally Posted by Railgunner View Post
I just can't see spending that kind of money on a GTR and then having it serviced by the guy who just finished working on a Sentra. Waiting in the service dept waiting room with crack babies crawling all over you... I'll pass.

I traded my 07 G35 Sedan on an 08 335 E90 because Infiniti's service dept. was so bad. I can't imagine how bad Nissan's service dept. next door would have been (same owner). When I say bad, I mean cops call you at work because your cars on blocks with the wheels gone at the dealership bad, oily black footprints on the carpet, you name it.
But I have heard that Nissan ordered all Nissan dealers to send their top mechanics to Japan to acquire the mandatory service training specifically for GT-R and only that mechanic could touch the GT-R.
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