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Originally Posted by 00o00 View Post
to include our ///M in these tests is fantastic... i can't believe it, i see it as a honnor for the bmw. note that there is no Mercedes

"the GT-R seems like a video game" -evey one is saying this... im not sure im fully okay with that... now i know some people will say well if its not a true manual you losing the driving experiance, now i can agree with that... a little... but i think that a M3 with M-DCT is one thing (i don't think anyone would way its like driving a video game), but the reviews make it seem like i could drive the GT-R with my eyes shut... i don't know if im okay with that... other wise its a heck of a car, ugly though. but ill give it respect.
Most here know that I am a Porsche lover, but I have to say that I find the GT-R very intoxicating. The car has grown on me so much that I feel it visually holds it's own against all of these cars. My only gripe is that it is a big car, but that is okay.

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