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I quickly read through it over lunch and basically for performance the order from first to last was GTR, 997tt, R8 and M3, lap times when like GTR, 997tt, R8 and M3 but the final verdict was a surprised in that the Porsche was last, too dear to be regarded any higher than that, R8 also fell next because it's price was again too much and it was the least practical which left the M3 and GTR to fight for honours. Well to be honest there wasn't much of a fight, the only reason the M3 got second (even though on the lap time it was 2 seconds slower than the R8 and over 3 seconds slower than the GTR) was purely down to price (being the cheapest) and the fact that it's a joy to drive on the track even if it's a handful, plus believe it or not in their (CAR) opinion the M3 has the best engine which did surprise me, especially when up against the 997Turbo engine and the v6Bi-turbo in the GTR.

All in all another good result for the M3.


Just don't think that technically or in handling term it's as good as the rest and you will be OK.