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Racying Dynamics
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I know Mosselman Turbosystems is already working on a SC system for the E92 M3. Should be ready by June to September of this year and expect to increase hp to about 500+!!! Should cost about $15 to $20 US! They have gone with and SC primarily because if its "lower boost" levels compared to turbos and easier to cool and manage with the high compression ratio. They will later develop a turbo system, that will require low compression cylinders and other smaller internals details..., that should make beyond 600 hp!!! Anything can be done to these engines as long as space and $$$ constraints are taken into account. In fact, with higher octane rated race fuel, turbos can be used with high compression engines such as ours without the danger of premature detonation. Problem is, where would you typically refuel and, as always, cost!! lol!!!