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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
It is not the best comparison. I made it based on this reasoning. C63 AMG and M3 are direct competitors. However the CLK 63 BS is still a 2 door, range topping performance Coupe, much like the M3. Due to price the B.S. and M3 will likely not be cross shopped much, but they will be a bit. I agree M6 is certainly a better comparison. So the point here was that the M3 can still keep up nicely in most performance categories despite way less power, torque and more importantly an inferior power to weight ratio.

@Epacy: No link. This was straight from the magazine off the rack.
I understand what you're saying. My point is, although the M6 is a coupe just like the M3 coupe, i still would'nt compare them. Just like i would'nt compare the M6 to the C63, although the M6 would probably beat the C63 on the track seeing how the C63 is so uncontrolable and all over the place. Bottom line is, the M3 for the price and power, it is quite amazing how it stacks up against cars much more powerful and much more expensive.