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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
What does E think? I don't know if a shifter pic is necessary for admission, IMO not...
Fine, since you are photophobic, I revise my proposal to:

Have two lists maintained by you in the original post of the thread: eligible forum members who currently own a 6MT E9X M3, and (in bold or something dramatic like that) officially admitted forum members. People who make a post on this thread requesting to be initiated into the club make it to the latter category. We can say that posting a pic of the shifter or the third pedal is encouraged but not required. Note that the only requirement is ownership of a 6MT E9X M3, and we can determine that from 13eastie's thread? Not sure if he is still actively maintaining it though:

How about that? (Since E doesn't care, the weight of this ciritical decision rests on our shoulders only.)