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Originally Posted by its ray den View Post
really... you have no credibility. all you do is throw scientific buzzwords with no substance behind it. no time to educate me? yeah right. you have all the time in the world to respond to simpler posts but when i come out with a good point you have no time.

i'm waiting for something good. i'm hoping you are actually smart, and not just someone who knows stuff. but with all your rude comments put next to the very few intelligent ones you have, i can't help but take you as a joke.
What buzzwords are you talking about? Be specific, please.

My point about educating you, comes from the fact that all the scientific things I made reference to are available in abundance online. One could, is so desires, do a quick search and find information.
Scientific theories and laws are all based on experiments and predictable results.

When I make a claim that is supported by science, you can very quickly find it online and evaluate evidence behind it. If you find legitimate flaws in them, you can post them, and while youíre at it, send an e-mail to National Academy of Science. They will look it and if you are correct, you will be rewarded.

So, to wrap it up, I am not going to spend my time educating you about every little thing that is taught in science class. Do your homework, and if you have specific questions, Iíll be glad to debate them with you.
But if you say: Gravity is just a theory, I will ignore you. Savvy?
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