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Originally Posted by mantis View Post
oh it has a 3rd pedal... no wait, they only know how to do the wrong 3rd pedal

AMG = american muscle

edit again: what a fucking porker! 4004!!! i'd do whatever it takes to get it back in 3000's even if 3999 lbs
American muscle? No. Come on man, have you ever owned a Mercedes? They're great cars. Do they handle as well as a BMW? No. Should they be lumped with Mustangs, Corvettes, etc. because they don't? No.

I'm not that into the third pedal. Yeah its more engaging. I'd get tired of it after a while. BTW, MB does offer some manual transmissions, the current SLK model, for instance.

They're becomming pretty useless imho, all of the automated stuff is just simply faster. Part of the reason why the M3 sucked in Autocar's review. The guy got 0-60 in 5.2 with the M3's 6 speed.