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Originally Posted by Hans Delbruck View Post
The reason the residual value is a low percentage is because the MSRP is so high to begin with.... does that make sense or am I not understanding this? The more you pay, the more you lose. Extreme examples would be the 996 GT2 (depreciated like a rock, percentage-wise) and a Honda Civic (doesn't depreciate much, percentage-wise)

The M3 is an expensive car when you option it out and add on Cali tax. That's why I've hesitated. This isn't in the same ballpark as the E46 M3 was. The E92 would be about $75K for me OTD and that's quite a large chunk to lay down "for a 3 series."

I think the new M3 may have priced itself out of the market, just like the M5's sitting on the lots at $98K MSRP. If you wait, there will likely be deals.

With US consumers tapped out, not everyone can afford a BMW anymore, and I think that's GOOD!
The costs of the car has no effect on the residuals. BMW's are known for their high residuals.