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Originally Posted by sparkyg View Post
Better yet take a look at the review from top gear. C63 vs M3 vs RS4 part 1 part 2

Sorry if this is an older repost.
I watched that Top Gear episode. It was very entertaining.

This episode is what swayed me from the upcoming M3 to the C63. The M3 wins in the handling department, as usual, but I'm going to be driving my car on the street the majority of the time, and not the track.

Because of this, I want torque, and I want to tap into power without having to get those rpms sky high. I think the C63 will be more fun, the M3 the better track car. Although, The C63 doesn't seem to have the brake fading problem that plagues the M3 right now.

Plus, after getting the Dinan flash, I didn't think that switching to the M3 eventually would provide enough of a different feel in terms of power. Who knows. Still gotta drive both cars.