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Originally Posted by its ray den View Post
i'm not offended and i dont feel the least bit like i've been criticized for my post. i'm just trying to prompt a real response rather than the short, unsubstantiated post i got from him. he didn't even bother to show me where i'm wrong so how could i be offended?

your post was a waste of a database record...

edit: and your analogy is inaccurate. it's more like a professor giving you a C for a grade and not telling you why.

and if you could explain to me how quantum mechanics is an argument against what i said about absolute truth, i'd appreciate it. otherwise, your knowledge of science is just be as limited as mine.
I am a scientist, therefore, I charge to teach you the basics...
So, PM me your CC#, and I will help you with the QM.

As for the grades -- as I recall, my professor never "explained" to me why I got an A or a B or C...I figured it out on my own. That is the whole point of grading system -- to figure out your mistakes and not to repeat them instead asking what I did wrong...