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Originally Posted by its ray den View Post
really... you have no credibility. all you do is throw scientific buzzwords with no substance behind it. no time to educate me? yeah right. you have all the time in the world to respond to simpler posts but when i come out with a good point you have no time.

i'm waiting for something good. i'm hoping you are actually smart, and not just someone who knows stuff. but with all your rude comments put next to the very few intelligent ones you have, i can't help but take you as a joke.
I never understood why people get offended by a criticism??? I like when someone points out my flaws and even helps me correct them. It is obvious that your science knowledge is fairly limited and e90im was simply nice and direct to you instead of "rude" as you call it. Did you call your professors "rude" when they gave you a C at the test or you got something out of that???

EDIT: Obviously you got nothing from the basic English course since the first thing should have been to start sentences with the caps -- makes it flow better and is actually a rule in most languages, including English... Also, helps with the laziness...