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I hear where your coming from about knowing deep down that if you waited for a few months more you could of got what you really wanted.
Like everyone else on here from the UK, I've been told June a build. I've been patient up to now, so there is no way I'm going to jump ship for 6MT. I've even got a further 4-6 week delay due to the individual piano black trim I've specced. I'm looking at a Aug/Sept delivery just in time for the new registration plates.

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I am really bored by the prospect of delays. I dont know what to do at this point. I cant get the car at the end of the summer cause this is gonna be a real killjoy. I am tempted to get a 6MT (my dealer has 3 in stock or order for march build) but I just know deep down that I am going to regret it in the longer term. I drive in heavy traffic so the lack of a third pedal would be welcome plus I know that the technology aspects of the DCT (expected performance, economy and smoothness advantages) would make me drool when I see one. The only other car that I would consider at the moment is the facelifted CLS63 AMG, however, it costs almost double and wont be as polished dynamically. I just dont know what to do...